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Company profile

 BEIJING LEGEND OF WARRIOR NETWORK was founded in Dec, 2013 and listed on the New OTC Market on Sep. 5, 2016 (Stock Code: 838780), as the first creative and cultural game-developing company in Miyun district. Moreover, we got great benefit of more than 10 million RMB, supported by the Ministry of Culture as one of the first foreign trade corporations and the National Creative Cultral Fund. We have 80 staff and 90% of them are bachelor or above. We are also an innovative mobile game and VR game developer and operator, owning several patents, the National High Technology Corporation and the Zhongguancun High Technology Corporation.

We are dedicated in developing and publishing strategic games based on Chinese traditional culture and  military games,VR Champion game , of which the Legend of Warrior OL series are based on the three kingdoms story while the New Special Force series based on the anti-terrorism theme, all of them use our own-developed engine to ensure a better game effect.

The Legend of Warrior OL followed  the three kingdoms, which featured more than 12,900 times by APPLE Inc. and nominated for the top 5 games by Tencent SLG Games board. The original group are developing Legend of Warrior 2, which ranked NO.1 in Ali New Games Board and got over a million revenue for the first 3 days.

New Special Forces is a military encyclopaedia against the terrorism, which ranked the NO.4 of paid ranking list and NO.1 of board games list in APP Store. At present, the other VR game is under close beta, which is going to launch a new era for VR military e-sports.
We have built good relationship with domestic and overseas corporations, including Vietnam VNG, APPLE APP Store team, Google Play, Ali Games, Tencent, 360, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Baidu, Sina, 9splay, ect,.

The founder once worked as the Director in Kingsoft International Business Department and achieved many resources in overseas market. The company had a reasonable overseas plan: the two games were successfully launched in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, which Legend of Warrior OL ranked NO.1 on both IOS and Google Play in 2015, and New Specical Forces got NO.1 on Kakao - a standard board in Kerea in 2017. Now the international market is well arranged for the two key games Legend of Warrior 2 and New Special Forces VR version. We will continue to develop the overseas market in 2018 and make the original Chinese tradional culture worldwide!




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